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Gluten Free Auro - April 2017 Brew Date!

By Chris Mills 1 years ago 803 Views No comments

Our new batch of Auro is just getting underway with an anticipated packaging date of 19 May 2017.We start all our beers by growing up a quantity of yeast sufficient to ferment 1,800 litres of beer. Generally this is works out to around 50-100L of good yeast slurry depending on the strength of the beer, or if it is a lager or an ale (lagers and stronger beers need more yeast). The image of the testing stick shows our gluten test on the starter - and it is negative which means there are fewer then 3 parts per million of gluten in our starter - or in other words this means none was detected.

We test for gluten at each major step of the process - the starter for growing up yeast, the 1,800 litres in the kettle, the chilled wort as it gets underway in the fermentation vessel, at filtration, in the bright beer tank for conditioning, and lastly the bottled beer. We will only consider our beer to be gluten-free if it passes all of the production tests with no gluten detected all the way through.

You can pre-order the next batch of Auro and we'll offer you a special rate right up to the day we bottle it.